Shinon Baba High Standard Laptop Computer (SB)

£18.00 £15.30

Manufactured In: China

Memory Storage Capacity: NA

Size: 35 cm *26 cm*10 cm

Gender Specification: Unisex | Male | Female

Age Suitability: 6+

Special Features : 

80 touch buttons (each button plays a different Surah or Dua)

Durable/flexible buttons

Portable laptop size and shape

A spacious gift for children and helpful for parents and teachers.

Very useful for incarcerated persons and those who have no access to the correct pronunciation of the Arabic.

Arabic or English Interface (Screen sticker provided for English wordings)


  • Batteries: Not Included (require 3 x AA)

  • USB Cable: Not Included

  • Remote Control: Not Included

  • Memory Card: Not Included

  • Headphone: Not Included

  • Charger Plug: Not Included

  • Cartridge: Not Included

  • Colouring Pages: Not Available 

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