How to study Hidayah

By B. Shu’ayb
16 Rabi II 1437 | 27 January 2016

This is a summary of The path to Hidayah1 which outlines a guide on how to study Hidayah2.


Hidayah is the commentary of:

# Bidayah al-Mubtadi = Quduri + Jami’ al-Saghir

Hidayah shows the way forward for beginners and provides a summary for the experts.

If you can read Hidayah, you can read:

# al-Ikhtiyar (commentary of al-Mukhtar) by Allm. Mawsuli
# al-Wafi (summary of Kanz) by Allm. Nasafi

N.B: these are equivalent to Hidayah but more refined

How to study Hidayah


To learn the core masa’il in advance study:

Mukhtasar Quduri
Wiqaya (+ summary: Nuqayah)

N.B: Reading these will make way to: Kanz al-Daqa’iqal-IkhtiyarMajma AbhurMajma al Bahrayn, and Tuhfatul Fuqaha.


To understand the core text use:

Hashiyatu Laknawi


To delve further, you must know usul and follow one of the two path:

Muhaddithins’ Path:

# Nasb al-Rayah (+ Dirayah)
I’la al-sunan

Usuliyyins’ Path:

Fath al-Qadir
Radd al-Muhtar
Badai’ al-Sanai’


16 Rabi II 1437 AH
27 January 2015 CE

[1] Nawhami, Muhammad Saifur Rahman. (2012). The Path to Hidayah. Islamic Studies Bulletin (DIBAJ), Number 1. Available at Accessed 27 January 2015

[2] This is the monumental work of Allm. Marghinani on the Hanafi fiqh.

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